Molle Pack Versus The ALICE Pack

Summary: The ALICE pack can be said to be the MOLLE backpack’s counterpart during the earlier years. It has had its share of glory moments, but the MOLLE pack has obviously prevailed in terms of being able to recognize the improvements and needs of having a backpack that is light and holds all the soldier’s belongings.

The MOLLE backpack is known to be one of the most popular bags that are used by both the Army and the Military today. Its lightweight features allow the soldier to carry all his essentials with him during combat, without having compromise his ability to perform during a mission. MOLLE, pronounced as “Molly”, stands for Modular Lightweight Load-carrying Equipment, and is comprised of a three-part system (butt pack, load pack, and vest) that ensures the safety and security of the soldier’s belongings, without having to sacrifice his mobility and readiness. The MOLLE backpack has a lot of compartments, allowing for a maximized use of backpack space. It also comes with compartments that are easily accessible by hand, in the event that the soldier needs to carry grenades, tazers, ammunitions, and other handheld things that will aid him in combat.

The ALICE (All-purpose Lightweight Individual Carrying Equipment) military backpack can be said to be the MOLLE backpack’s counterpart in the earlier years, as it was frequently used way back in the 1970’s and early 1990’s. Just as the MOLLE pack, it was designed to lighten the load carried by soldiers in combats and missions to up to three pounds. This has posed a considerable difference compared to older versions of military backpacks whose lightest weight was five pounds. The material is made out of a nylon material that is waterproof and lightweight, and the other heavy steel components were also replaced to aluminum, thus making the ALICE pack less burdensome and more lightweight to the soldier.

But of course, the MOLLE backpacks are now the preferred military backpack nowadays. ALICE packs are still excellent backpacks, but they are used more now for camping and hiking purposes. Some reasons why the MOLLE has replaced the ALICE is because the latter seems to stick far off the soldier’s back, making it fat, as compared to the MOLLE. Also, the ALICE does not have any compression straps, probably the reason why it becomes to fat and bulky, as compared to the MOLLE.

Also, as compared to the MOLLE backpack, the ALICE contains 6 external pouches, while the MOLLE has none since all its storage compartments, apart from those that should contain grenades and ammunition that are all located in the vest area, are internal. This helps reduce the risk of having your pack bulging. Lastly, MOLLE packs have a built-in canteen and sleeping bag compartment.

Features and Types of Backpacks for Travelling

Summary: Backpacks for travelling are very essential especially for those people who enjoy camping out or just simply love travelling all over the globe. This type of bag will give them a convenient place to store important items wherever they are so that they can have both their hands absolutely free.

Backpacks for travelling are the most practical ways of storing and carrying valuable items. A Backpack seems to be very convenient because it gives you the ability to use both your free hands while carrying a bag on your shoulder. If you are about to embark on a travel experience and you still haven’t got a good backpack that you can carry around with you, there are certain things you must know before you buy a backpack for travelling.

Features of backpacks for travelling should include comfortable straps, especially if you plan to carry it always or if you are about to go hiking. You don’t want the straps to feel uncomfortable and you don’t want to feel pain around your shoulder blades that can hassle the whole trip. Also, the straps should have extra layers of padding and they should come with a waist band for a snug fit. Other features include internal adjustable frames that you can bend and shape to fit the curve of your back for more comfort.

Backpacks for travelling should also feature cinch straps and lines to assure you that everything is secure and that it fits you quite snugly. Also, outside pockets are featured as well to store some of your gear that you will use on a daily basis like first aid kit, high-energy snacks or alcohol. Some models include an internal water bladder that comes with a tube so you won’t have to bring a canteen anymore. Aside from this, the backpack must be very lightweight and should be made from durable material.

There are also many types of backpacks for travelling available in the market these days.

– Assault backpack – this is the biggest among the other backpacks for travelling because this is designed to carry more stuff for long vacation or for mountain vacation.

– Day Pack – this particular backpack can carry all the daily items that you will need throughout the day. It is not big and has low capacity.

–  Military backpack – this is very flexible and more utilized because this is designed for hard and tough conditions.

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Features And Benefits Of A Molle Pack

Summary: The MOLLE pack is known to be one of the best bags used by soldiers of the Army and Military today. Having started out in the year 1997, this pack is still highly used by both parties. Given their lightweight features, these packs are known to carry a lot of instruments essential for combat. It is normally said to be “worn” and not “carried”.

The MOLLE pack, with MOLLE standing for Modular Lightweight Load-carrying Equipment, is, in a nutshell, a soldier’s best friend for many years. Having introduced in the market in the year 1997, this pack is still used by the Army and the Military ops until today. You might think that MOLLE is some fancy French word for something, but in fact, it is simply pronounced as “Molly”, but as the abbreviation suggests, it really is something fancy. The modularity of the system and science behind this pack is the use of PALS, which stands for Pouch Attachment Ladder system, webbing and nylon that is heavy-duty. The MOLLE pack is actually known more to be “worn” than it is “carried” like other normal Army or Military pouches or bags.

The MOLLE pack is a three-part system consisting of the vet, the butt pack, and the load pack. It is highly flexible and reconfigurable system, enabling the improvement of mission efficiency. It is known to be an asset rather than a liability to the soldier since it does not compromise his mobility, nor is it known to compromise his readiness, two elements that are highly pertinent in a mission. The vest is normally used to carry the things a soldier needs during combat, while the pack is designed to carry other important gear. It also comes with a quick release mechanism that allows the pack to disconnect from the vest at will. The main pack is commonly used for the sleeping bag compartment, and comes with several other pouch compartments.

The load-bearing vest is made of nylon mesh, and is worn by the soldier. It also contains pockets for ammunition as well as hand grenades The MOLLE pack also has a suspension system that is thickly padded with shoulder straps and a thick waist belt. Both are also adjustable. The weight of the pack is also spread evenly throughout the body, making it comfortable.

The MOLLE pack also contains some larger pockets that contain D-rings for carrying other important things. It also has with it an identification pocket with a plastic window. This pack is created from urethane-coated nylon fabric, and it also comes with two six-foot straps that will enable the soldier to carry heavier objects. Repair kits are also included. The pack also contains a water pouch that uses a tube to deliver the fluid, eliminating the need for canteens.

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Best Backpacks

Summary: There are many applications of backpacks and you can find the best backpack for several uses. Here are few features offered by best backpacks used for different applications.

Backpacks are getting popular day by day for the features and applications that it offers and they are the most comfortable and convenient type of bags that you can afford. You can find many varieties of backpacks and you can easily find the best backpacks for several uses and choose the right backpack depending upon your requirement. The best backpacks can be used for hiking and it has many good features. If you are hiking a trial by yourself alone or you plan to go across the country or follow a guide, the best hiking backpack carries all your stuff to make your journey more enjoyable.

A best hiking backpack comes in different shape and size and it is comfortable to wear and fits well. It will not off balance the hiker and this is a feature of a best hiking backpack. You can find a backpack also for schools. They offer great features like comfort, quality and durability.  You can find a typical school backpack which will be around 2000 cubic inches. This is the correct size to carry 3 textbooks, one or two binders and other small things. You can also find wheeled backpacks for schools and these are the best backpacks you can buy when you want to carry more load to schools and it will be a sensible choice. It has good feature of including wider wheelbase to carry load easily.

The best travelling backpack is one which is made of durable nylon which will make it water resistant and tougher so that it lasts long and will not be damaged due to frequent travelling. It has a great feature i.e. the lockable zippers to make sure that all your stuff in the backpack is secure and safe.

You can find the best sports backpack since it has some great features. They are very economical, comfortable and durable and provide enough space to fill your stuff including your laptop. It also features a sleek design which makes it more attractive and sporty. You can find best backpacks designed for military or Special Forces and these backpacks are called as military ops bags. These are the backpacks which are specially made and they offer good space to carry laptops, camera, gadgets, documents and operational stuffs. It has many external and internal pockets and these backpacks are water resistant which will protect the photos or documents that are inside the backpack.

Cheap backpacks

Summary: Looking for cheap backpacks? Here are few tips to find a cheap backpack easily and the things to consider while you buy them.

Backpacks are the most convenient and comfortable type of bags that you can look for. The price is pretty much affordable. It can be used for different applications and the comfort factor is almost unbeatable by any other type of bag. Anyone can use the backpack and there is no age limit and you can easily find cheap backpacks and use it to carry your stuff while you are on the go. Parents use them as diaper carrying bags who like to have their hands free and look after the baby and many students look for some stylish backpacks.

You can find backpacks in many places such as factory outlets, street stores, online stores and designer showrooms. You can find a cheap backpack at flea markets, small shops, discount stores and garage sales. You can find cheap backpacks online as well but you need to be careful since many websites sell fake ones and judging the quality of the backpack purchased online is difficult. You can buy branded backpacks manufactured by foreign and domestic companies from malls, factory outlets and discount stores. They offer good quality and guarantee on their products. They also offer discounts like clearance sales and end of season sales. This can be the right time to buy branded backpacks at a cheap price and you can also order them online.

You can find designer backpacks which are designed by many fashion designers and these are the most costly ones because of the fashion statement and unique design. You can find these backpacks at a designer outlet or big stores with such backpacks. You can also order these cheap backpacks online. There are many types of backpacks available and you need to be sure about the type of backpack you wish to buy.

There are few important things you need to consider while buying cheap backpacks. Make sure they are well-constructed if they are costly ones. It is not necessary that a high priced one is of better quality than cheap ones, so make sure you hang them on yourself and check if it fits well.If you want to buy cheap backpacks, try to buy during the fall season as the distributors may slash the price for more sales. Make sure you check the size of the backpack and don’t forget to check the quality of the zips and fasteners. Also check the fabric quality of the backpack you wish to buy.

Cool Backpacks To Make Carrying More Convenient

Summary: Backpacks offer both the functions of utility and style. Cool backpacks for men and women help to make their routine jobs easy and also add to the polish of personality with stunning designs!

Cool backpacks offer a convenient way of carrying your required materials when you are on the move. They have replaced conventional carrying cases because of their excellent advantages and features that makes the traveling so easy that traveling with your “merchandise” is no longer a burden! In today’s world we do many things even while traveling like riding our own vehicle and talking on mobile and listening to music! In such cases is it not a great benefit if you do not have to carry luggage with your hands?

Backpacks are one of the military equipments that have been used in the civil society. As you are aware, military backpacks offer nothing less than a life line to the soldiers on the field with its advantage of having everything  available at hand and without making carrying these things an added burden. The same benefits are attained by backpacks used by school kids and professionals who need to carry lot of varied materials easily.

Like many other utility objects, backpacks are also designed to add color and style to the users of backpacks. There are so many features in the backpacks that they offer enhanced utility but also have a great looks adding to your overall personality. Cool backpacks serve the both utility and stylishness for the users.

Cool Backpacks are designed differently for school kids and adults- male and females, travelers on bikes and motor cycles and have features that aptly suit the varied requirements needed in their functions. The compartments are designed to house the appropriate equipments needed by the users. Laptops are very commonly used by students and professionals and backpacks are designed with compartments for laptops to carry them with ease and care.

Leather backpacks have the look of fine look that is only possible with natural look. They have long durability and are capable of service for long years even with rough usage carrying heavy loads.  The natural leather is friendly to your skin and can be maintained with looks with attractive shine. Of course leather backpacks are most expensive of the lot and there can be no comparison with its quality and style.

Women’s backpacks are designed with style and stunning looks and also have features like wheels so that they can be easily moved around. Cool backpacks really make the women look professional!

Cool backpacks with monograms add to the special personality you would like to convey as with other fashion aids like watches, necklaces and cool glasses.

Cool Military Backpacks

Summary: Military backpacks are designed to work in severe adverse situations and they certainly give you all the usefulness built in their design.

It happens so often that many types of equipment and articles used in Military will find way to civil society. It is not surprising because the articles and equipment for military use demand highest of strength and reliability and such proven products are used in common application with the benefit of durability and functionality. Military Backpacks are one such military articles.

Backpacks used by defense forces are nothing short of a storehouse of all you need in toughest situations. Special efforts are done to make them very reliable and multifunctional. Over the years you will find lot of innovation has gone into making military backpacks. There have been different designs known for their characteristic features and advantages. In fact, they have evolved as new technologies were incorporated or s new developments called for accommodating scores of equipments. In past 50 years there have been innumerable changes in the design of backpacks.

Military backpacks are not just storage bags to carry some materials. They are part of soldier’s equipment that ensure that nothing will go wrong for the soldier because he will have to depend on them in circumstances involving life and death.

Military Backpack called MOLLE was used for the first time in Desert Storm. With ease of disconnecting it and modular design of the different pouches and equipment compartments it offers a great advancement over ALICE backpack which was used since Vietnam War. The ILBE backpack is an advancement and improvement over MOLLE system. It is designed so that ammunition and equipments are easy to take out. But since is the latest design it is not possible to get this kind of backpacks easily.

ALICE backpack is credited to be the first advanced backpack used by military personnel in combat situations and was introduced at the time of Vietnam War. Though it is not used by US military any more it offers all the features that make it ideal for outdoor camping. You can easily get the backpack of this design.  There is yet other popular design that was introduced after ALICE backpack; it is called CFP-90 pack. In this you will find vest and pack approach was used for the first time.

Military backpacks are often sold to public though they are only built for military use. There will be notifications about the surplus backpacks and where they can be bought. However many private companies manufacturers make backpacks of the same designs and they will be matching to the advantages of military backpacks.

Military Backpacks: In Case of Armageddon

In case of Armageddon, get yourself a military backpack! There is virtually
nothing that can’t be packed and carried in this style of backpack. Built to withstand the
rigors of some of the world’s harshest environments, military backpacks carry more than
personal belongings; they carry peace of mind.

Constructed with military use in mind, specialty backpacks like military
backpacks are built with one thing in mind: survival. Take survival literally and pack
everything you need in a bag like this. You’ll be glad you did.

Made from the highest quality materials on the market, military backpacks are
rightfully so constructed because they should be more than appropriate for military
applications, even including combat. Heavy-duty nylon, rip-stop canvas, and even Gor
Tex are common materials used in the construction of these bags. They are definitely
rough and rugged and ready to take on a challenge. Many feature external frames, which
are perfect for strapping on additional accessories like sleeping bags, tents, or cots. This
type of frame supports lots of weight, and distributes that weight throughout the frame,
which is usually made of aluminum, stainless steel, or carbon fiber.

Internal framed-backpacks may be a bit more comfortable, but they may hold a
little less in the way of essentials and accessories. Nevertheless, many people are happy
to sacrifice additional room in favor of comfort. These packs still have plenty pockets
and straps and buckles, and you’re sure to find use for almost, if not, all of them. They
also tend to have padded straps and additional back padding to make wearing them much more comfortable. Also available are belt straps that are definitely a nice feature,
distributing the weight and pressure of the backpack down around the waist, while
keeping the backpack firmly in place. Luckily, military backpacks come in a variety of
styles, so there’s virtually a flavor for every taste out there.

Military-style backpacks aren’t only used for combat and training purposes. You
will find an increasing number of consumers shopping for packs that will be utilized for
school use, professional and business use, and recreational hiking and camping purposes.
That’s the nice thing about this style of pack; they are some of the most versatile on the
market and with so many uses, and ways to add accessories like straps, buckles, and
clips, deciding to buy is almost a no-brainer. Do yourself a favor and check out some of
the available models today – you won’t regret it.

What’s a Military Backpack?

Military backpacks provide a great way to transport important belongings from
one place to the next. Coming in a variety of styles and designs, these backpacks can be
customized to fit virtually any consumer’s needs. Made with internal frames and external frames and composed of a myriad of materials including rip-stop nylon, canvas, and even the breathable and waterproof Gor-Tex, there is most certainly a military backpack for everyone.

To begin with, backpacks serve a variety of functions. For camping, some of the
more popular items that are generally found in them include: clothing, raingear, bedding,
and food. Larger backpacks include available storage for a tent or heavy jacket as well.
For school, backpacks are better suited for books and various notebooks and pads of
paper. Smaller pockets are perfect for accessories such as pens, pencils, and even
calculators. Other styles of backpacks that are commonly used are: clothing packs and
computer (laptop) packs. Like previously mentioned, there is definitely a style of
backpack that is perfect for just about anyone.

Specially-designed military backpacks are perfect for carrying around bedding
materials like a sleeping mat and sleeping bag, as well as provisions for the duration of
the excursion, and holders for water or canteens. This style of backpack usually has an
official military-approved color pattern or design that will match the current uniform.
This way, the pack is fully camouflaged and not easily distinguishable if the wearer is
trying to blend in with the natural surroundings. The military backpack may have an
internal or external frame, although most true military packs feature an external frame,
making it easier to strap on additional accessories or tie down all of the essentials that are to be taken along.

Speaking of accessories, there are many to choose from, all of which are very
important and add to the functionality of the backpack. Thicker, padded shoulder straps
help the back to not dig into one’s shoulders when carrying a bigger load, and a waist
strap (belt strap), helps to distribute weight and pressure evenly, so that the shoulders do not have to carry the majority of the bulk and weight and do not fatigue as quickly.
Additional and extra straps and buckles are always handy as well, in case the original
ones are broken, or when needing to carry additional clothing, provisions, or more.

Finding the right military backpack may not be the easiest thing in the world, but
deciding on one might be made simpler when considering individual need and how long
one will have to carry around certain items.