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Summary: There are many applications of backpacks and you can find the best backpack for several uses. Here are few features offered by best backpacks used for different applications.

Backpacks are getting popular day by day for the features and applications that it offers and they are the most comfortable and convenient type of bags that you can afford. You can find many varieties of backpacks and you can easily find the best backpacks for several uses and choose the right backpack depending upon your requirement. The best backpacks can be used for hiking and it has many good features. If you are hiking a trial by yourself alone or you plan to go across the country or follow a guide, the best hiking backpack carries all your stuff to make your journey more enjoyable.

A best hiking backpack comes in different shape and size and it is comfortable to wear and fits well. It will not off balance the hiker and this is a feature of a best hiking backpack. You can find a backpack also for schools. They offer great features like comfort, quality and durability.  You can find a typical school backpack which will be around 2000 cubic inches. This is the correct size to carry 3 textbooks, one or two binders and other small things. You can also find wheeled backpacks for schools and these are the best backpacks you can buy when you want to carry more load to schools and it will be a sensible choice. It has good feature of including wider wheelbase to carry load easily.

The best travelling backpack is one which is made of durable nylon which will make it water resistant and tougher so that it lasts long and will not be damaged due to frequent travelling. It has a great feature i.e. the lockable zippers to make sure that all your stuff in the backpack is secure and safe.

You can find the best sports backpack since it has some great features. They are very economical, comfortable and durable and provide enough space to fill your stuff including your laptop. It also features a sleek design which makes it more attractive and sporty. You can find best backpacks designed for military or Special Forces and these backpacks are called as military ops bags. These are the backpacks which are specially made and they offer good space to carry laptops, camera, gadgets, documents and operational stuffs. It has many external and internal pockets and these backpacks are water resistant which will protect the photos or documents that are inside the backpack.

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