Cool Military Backpacks


Summary: Military backpacks are designed to work in severe adverse situations and they certainly give you all the usefulness built in their design.

It happens so often that many types of equipment and articles used in Military will find way to civil society. It is not surprising because the articles and equipment for military use demand highest of strength and reliability and such proven products are used in common application with the benefit of durability and functionality. Military Backpacks are one such military articles.

Backpacks used by defense forces are nothing short of a storehouse of all you need in toughest situations. Special efforts are done to make them very reliable and multifunctional. Over the years you will find lot of innovation has gone into making military backpacks. There have been different designs known for their characteristic features and advantages. In fact, they have evolved as new technologies were incorporated or s new developments called for accommodating scores of equipments. In past 50 years there have been innumerable changes in the design of backpacks.

Military backpacks are not just storage bags to carry some materials. They are part of soldier’s equipment that ensure that nothing will go wrong for the soldier because he will have to depend on them in circumstances involving life and death.

Military Backpack called MOLLE was used for the first time in Desert Storm. With ease of disconnecting it and modular design of the different pouches and equipment compartments it offers a great advancement over ALICE backpack which was used since Vietnam War. The ILBE backpack is an advancement and improvement over MOLLE system. It is designed so that ammunition and equipments are easy to take out. But since is the latest design it is not possible to get this kind of backpacks easily.

ALICE backpack is credited to be the first advanced backpack used by military personnel in combat situations and was introduced at the time of Vietnam War. Though it is not used by US military any more it offers all the features that make it ideal for outdoor camping. You can easily get the backpack of this design.  There is yet other popular design that was introduced after ALICE backpack; it is called CFP-90 pack. In this you will find vest and pack approach was used for the first time.

Military backpacks are often sold to public though they are only built for military use. There will be notifications about the surplus backpacks and where they can be bought. However many private companies manufacturers make backpacks of the same designs and they will be matching to the advantages of military backpacks.